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Hey there! I'm Sarah.


I’ve been taking photos for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I always had a disposable camera in hand, snapping pictures of my friends, family and pets. Then my mom gave me my first digital camera. I continued learning film photography and developing in a darkroom in high school, while teaching myself Photoshop at home. A few years later I attended the University of North Texas for fine art and photography. The rest is history.


Now, my purpose is to capture every phase of life. My intention is to give you back a piece of time, a memory to hold onto. I’ve always had a passion for documenting moments from special events to every day life, after all they are so easily forgotten. Becoming a mother has made it evident how fast things change, and to treasure the present for as long as you can.


Thank you for supporting my business, my dream, and my family! 


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